Mineral Project Generation

What We Do

Mineral Project Generation


Identify high-quality projects in Europe and Africa with a clear strategic focus on Critical Minerals. In generating our targets Aurum Discovery draws on a deep pool of technical expertise with more than a century of combined in-house experience. In addition, collaborations with several World-class research institutions keep us at the forefront of mineral deposit research, turning new technology and enhanced deposit models into new discoveries.


As a private company with a lean and flexible structure, we have the agility required to move quickly in response to project requirements. This allows us to maximise the value for investment; as a JV partner or early-stage investor with Aurum Discovery, greater than 90 percent of the funds go directly into the ground. Aurum Discovery currently has a series of projects in the development pipeline, from proof-of-concept to advanced exploration plays.



Aurum Discovery retains flexibility in managing our investments and transactions. In the past two decades, our projects have provided consistently high returns for our partners and been involved in numerous private transactions and joint-ventures, as well as public listings on the ASX, TSX and AIM Markets. Aurum always strives to retain a royalty and where appropriate, a technical advisory role – we continue adding value post-transaction.